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Australia - Wild and Rugged!

Unspoiled and spectacular ... and we take you right into the heart of it.

Come with us on an experience of swimming in pristine oceans, playing with sea lions and dolphins or getting up close and personal with Great White Sharks or hand feeding wild tuna.  Walk on beaches where the only footprints are yours.

Come with us on an experience of sleeping in a swag under the brightest stars you've seen and sharing your campsite with kangaroos, wombats and emus or treetop walks in ancient forests.

These are just some of the wild encounters possible on a three, six, nine or 10-day journey across the great Australian outback as you explore the Nullarbor Plain between Adelaide and Perth.

So thinking of flying over the top or taking the train? You'll miss the undiscovered ‘adventures to wild places' and the unforgettable memories of the tour with Nullarbor Traveller.  Come with us on a tour that you will never forget - discover the best Australia has to offer that very few people know about.