Day 3 Tuesday - Cape Le Grand National Park - Stirling Ranges

Tour Itinerary (Perth to Esperance 6 day tour)

We are starting the morning with a hike at Frenchmen's Peak. Frenchman's Peak rewards you with a stunning view. After the hike we will head to the Stirling Ranges to explore the Central South/West of Western Australia. Leaving the aptly named Lucky Bay behind, you'll be pleased to know that you haven't used up all your luck, this part of WA has variety of different eco systems and each has something special to offer.

At Jerramungup we will have lunch and we leave the day flexible as to which park we will visit depending on the time of year and weather. We might seek out an abundance of wildflowers in the spring or a forested area with flowing rivers and waterfalls in the heat of the summer. Everywhere has its greatness at some point in the year and that is where we will take you whatever time you choose to travel.


Tonight we swagcamp on a private camping ground in the Stirling Ranges.
Toilet(s)?: Yes.
Shower(s)?: Yes.
Recharging available?: Limited recharging available.
Phone reception?: No phone reception.