Day 4 Wednesday - South West of Western Australia

Tour Itinerary (Perth to Esperance 6 day tour)

See the Western Australia’s version of the Great Ocean Road by seeing how the waves have an artistry all of their own when it comes to sculpture of the coast. Nature has down its amazing best on the coastline nearby Albany sculpting the granite into incredible formations that will have you reaching for your camera time and again. The Natural Bridge and The Gap are just two of the highlights.

Towering old growth forests once dominated the landscape of the South West and we walk along the Ancient Empire walk and explore this beautiful eco system. The tingle forests once dominated this area. Their ability to grow hugely tall and amazingly straight made them targets for the emerging timber industry. Thankfully many areas are now protected after a long and bitter struggle between conservation and economic factors and you get to experience the majesty of the forest in the Valley of the Giants. Then we head off to Quinninup Caravan Park for our overnight stay.

Tonight we swagcamp at Quinninup caravan Park.
Toilet(s)?: Yes.
Shower(s)?: Yes
Recharging available?: No.
Phone reception?: Limited phone reception.